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Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is a digital strategy to increase the visibility of a website on a search engine results page (SERP). Through these various campaigns, I was able to drive sales, awareness, and MQLs to these landing pages for various clients.

VetConsult @ Wiley


This campaign was a multi-channel global campaign across Google Search, Google Display Network and YouTube video ads. The brand wanted to build an audience for their new product with an awareness campaign. This search engine marketing strategy brought their product in front of over one million people between search and display ads, and garnered about 60,000 clicks.

Executive Appointments @ Madgex


This program, Executive Appointments, is a job search platform specifically to help c-level executives find new roles. The target audience was significantly smaller than a broader job search platform would have. Through a strategic combination of retargeting and keyword research, this ad was seen 575,000 times and got almost 50,000 clicks to the landing page. Other KPIs include a 14.36% conversion rate from paid search with 6,524 total conversions.

Mass spectra of designer drugs @ wiley 


This campaign targeted labs across the globe for Wiley Science Solution’s Mass Spectra of Designer Drugs ’22. This campaign was brief, but amassed over 3,000 qualified clicks in traffic to the landing page, and was seen over 100,000 times. Traffic was qualified by using long tailed keywords.

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